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Dentexpert - Brasov

Dentexpert - Brasov(Brasov)





The dental clinic Dentexpert Magic is the place where you can find a team of dental professionals whose sole objective is to obtain a bright smile and your trust in a program which will keep on providing quality services in the future.
We know how important quality services and a good price/quality relationship are for you, and that is why our clinic’s team of doctors puts at the disposal of our patients its experience, the modern facilities in our clinics in Bucharest and Brasov, but also professional products that are used in scientific dentistry.
Our team consists of specialists  trained according to the highest standards in the domain. A longtime experience, knowledge updated permanently by means of medical education programs and the participation in refresher courses represent the proof of the quality services we offer.

Thus, we offer a wide array of services and treatments:

Cosmetic dentistry Dental surgery and implantology Prosthesis Therapy and endodontics Parodontology and prophylaxis Orthodontics and pedodontics Restorative therapy Dental laser-therapy Dental radiology

Today’s dentistry allows us to guarantee painless treatments, offered in a great variety and within the shortest amount of time possible. In our clinics we use disposables and safe disinfecting procedures, in accordance with the latest EU regulations. The floors in our locations are special and recommended for a perfect hygiene.
The two Dentexpert Magic dental clinics use special software allowing us to stock and manage every information regarding the health of our patients: the medical history and treatment plans, so that we can be ready to provide customized treatment sessions.

The Dentexpert Magic dental clinic offers unique services in Brasov, in a competitive location and with a team of specialists whose promise towards the patients is excellence.

Laser treatments
Microscope treatments
Radiology and computerized tomography
Inhalation sedation

In the same time, we offer to our patients loyalty programs and guarantee for the works done in our clinics.

Advantages of our clinic: 7 offices: 2 dental offices in Bucharest, 3 in Brasov and 2 offices for general medicine in Brasov
Investments : more than 500.000 Euros invested in the location and the latest-technology equipment.
Specialists in implantology, pedodontics, orthodontics, radiology, parodontology, endodontics, restorative therapy, cosmetic dentistry.
Emergency service
Extended schedule for the patients

Together with the headquarters from Bucharest, our clinic contributes to the personal and professional success of our patients, by offering professional dental solutions, according to the highest standards in the field.
We have considered your comfort, so we designed the waiting room so that you can enjoy a few moments of recreation before joining the dentist: a few musical sounds, maybe some lines read to you or a documentary on the TV, will make you feel less nervous about the dentist.
Our treatment sessions are adapted to the requirements and time of the patient, so that punctuality is the mandatory condition so that we can be efficient and you - satisfied.

. There are parking opportunities around the facility. You can access us by public transport.