SKOPIA Medical Centre(Krakow)




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Medical Centre SKOPIA is a modern private clinic

providing expert multidisciplinary services in Cracow.(ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2008, OHSAS18001).

We offer immediate access to our experienced

and caring health professionals addressing your health needs and tailoring treatment to suit you. We are here to help you. On top of medical treatment we can arrange transportation, accomodation, entertainment and many other services dedicated to your needs. Contact us and we will find the best options for you. Our medical services:
- endoscopy (colonoscopy, gastroscopy , cystoscopy, transrectal ultrasound-TRUS, sigmoidoscopy, rubber band ligation/hemorrhoid treatment, rectal polyp removal, thrombosis, phimosis, changes on penis and scrotum removal, urethral caruncle removal). Colonoscopy and gastroscopy with full anesthesia (analogosedaction)
- gastroenterology
- proctology
- urology
- ophthalmology (chalazion removal, cyst removal, warts removal, lump removal, drooping eyelids, pterygium removal, closing tear ducts, xanthelasma removal)
- gynecology (cryotherapy , erosions, Intrauterine Device – IUD, gynecological care and prenatal care)
- orthopedics specialized in hand (tennis elbow, golfers elbow, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome - CTS, Dupuytren\'s contracture -Dupuytren\'s disease, wrist cysts removal 

- bariatrics/treatment of obesity (the Orbera gastric balloon)
- dermatology (birthmarks removal, sclerotherapy-closing of blood vessels, cryotherapy, warts, viral warts, papillas)
- children\'s surgery (phimosis, frenulum breve, hypospadias)
- oncological surgery (small tubercles removal)
- dietician (personalized monthly nutrition plan including health condition, health problems, diseases as stomach reflux, Crohn´n disease, pregnancy)
- biopsy (thyroid biopsy, breast biopsy, biopsy of soft tissue) and many more

. There are parking opportunities around the facility. SKOPIA Medical Centre is accessible to disabled people. You can access us by public transport. The property has a wheelchair accessible toilet. You can access us without steps. There are disabled parking spots around the buildling. There is a patients bathroom. You can have free, wireless internet access while you are waiting. You can buy drugs on the on-site pharmacy. The staff helps you organize international travel. The clinic can help you in local travel. You don't have to find accomodation far, as SKOPIA Medical Centre offers accomodation locally. We can help you in translations. Do you want to see the local attractions? We will help you with our local guide. Spend your vacation splendidly with our tours and vacation services. Hotel pickup: to get to the clinic, we can pick you up at the hotel. You don't have care about getting to the clinic, as we organize everything to help you, for example pick you up at the airport.