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IHS women and childrens hospital

IHS women and childrens hospital(Islamabad)




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We are a specialist based dental practice with a paediatric dentist, an orthodontist, a restorative specialist and a maxillofacial surgeon to cater for the dental treatment for the whole family. 

The emphasis of our practice is to provide dental treatment under sedation for children who dont get treatment done in the dental chair due to fear or any medical condition. We have a paediatric team of consultants, an in house facility of state of the art Operation theatre and highly qualified staff to cater for the needs of paediatric patients so that the kids leave our practice with all their dental work done in one sitting without any psyco social trauma and highly satisfied parents. We also offer packages according to patients affordability and do procedures throughout the week including sundays to accomodate the patients needs. Parents of patients with special needs would benefit greatly to get the dental treatments done under sedation as their oral hygiene maintainence is a big problem and their level of cooperation in low.

We have a consultant Orthodontist that is trained to treat patients requiring metal braces, ceramic braces, invisible braces, lingual braces, cleft lip and palate cases and combined surgical orthodontic patients. Patients with minor problems like gaps in front teeth or mild irregularities are managed with just single arch treatments or treatments of shorter durations. Orthodontic consultation at an early stage also ensures early identification of problems that can lead to early treatment that will lead to either not having to go through a complete orthodontic treatment later in life or a less complicated one in future. 
We have a restorative specialist who manages fillings, root canals, crowns, veneers, bridges and all kind of esthetic treaments. We also cater for specialised treatments of conditions like amaelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta. These conditions require total mouth rehabilitation leading to an enhancement of esthetics and function. 
We have a maxillofacial surgeon who specialises in implants and third molar extractions. 
Our team of specialist combined with the hospital facilities ensures dental treatment for the whole family under one roof with affordable rates

. There are parking opportunities around the facility. IHS women and childrens hospital is accessible to disabled people. You can access us by public transport. There are disabled parking spots around the buildling. There is a patients bathroom. You can have free, wireless internet access while you are waiting. You can buy drugs on the on-site pharmacy.