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We are private medical facility focused on providing high quality medical services in the fields of plastic surgery, general surgery, stomatology, oral-maxillofacial surgery, gynecology and non-invasive aesthetic medicine and medical cosmetic. In our clinic you will find consulting rooms of our specialists, surgery equipped with the latest medical technology as well as a friendly recovery room. During your visit in PEM your partner can wait for you in our comfortably furnished waiting-room or in the near by garden. Expect highest standard complete care as well as surgical procedure technics common abroad. Our patients are provided with one-day plastic and aesthetic surgery. The surgery is carried out after detailed interview and presurgical exams. The day following the treatment, the patient is released to the aftercare. The forerunner of PEM was a centre of body culture. This fittness centre was founded by the end of 80ties and soon after opening it gained many favourers and day-to-day clients. The company responded to the requests of many customers and increased its activities in the area of estetic medicine. In 1994 then, the medical centre PAMELA was founded. In this medical centre, we solved the problems of vasal diseases (varicose veins, hemoroids) and small estetic operations of hypodermic adipoid and fibrous follicles. This treatments however needed a short-term, but still hospitalisation. In 1995, the medical centre was fully conceived as a small clinic. The plant was agreed by the Town Office, Sanitary Supervision as well as Czech Chamber of Medicine. The clinic status – clinic with the above standard services in the fields of plastic and aestetic medicine, surgery, stomatology and gynecology – still did not take anything away from the character of small familly clinic. The clinic character was and still is much contributed by our employees. Their approach towards patients soon acquired a good name to them as well as the clinic. Not only Czech, but also English, German or Russian speaking clients make themselves understood here. The interest in the clinic and its services was growing and the aestetic surgery treatments were required more and more. In 1996, the centre was enlarged and started to devote to the most asked field, which was the plastic and estetic surgery with a large spectrum of treatments on the face and whole body. This sight did not change and we keep the direction still improving premises, equipment and services.