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New Look Holiday represents affordable prices, quality care and comfort. Relax while you make your dream come true. New Look Holiday is an attractive choice for many clients from abroad with its long-term co-operation with selected private plastic surgeons and dentists in Slovakia.

We\'ve never used the PIP or Rofil implants and none of our clients have received themOur plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics performe in general more than 2 500 cosmetic and plastic surgeries per yearOur plastic and cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified and fully registeredCheap cosmetic surgery prices of up to 70% less than a cosmetic surgery cost in the UKNo hidden chargesEnglish speaking cosmetic Surgeons, Nurses and New Look Holiday Care teamWorld-class cosmetic surgery abroad comparable with any available within EUthe top plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Slovakia
Clinically clean conditions – No MRSAThe facilities each our plastic surgeon work in provide the most modern and advanced equipment and procedures availableFree consultations , with surgeons assessment within 24 – 48 hoursAvailability and short cosmetic surgery booking period
Immediate response to all of your queries and concerns, answered within 24 hoursClients from UK, Ireland and Western EuropeNew Look Holiday Care team take 24 hours care of your cosmetic surgery holidayTours in Slovakia combined with your plastic and cosmetic surgery abroad treatments

. You can have free, wireless internet access while you are waiting. You can buy drugs on the on-site pharmacy. The staff helps you organize international travel. The clinic can help you in local travel. You don't have to find accomodation far, as New Look Holiday offers accomodation locally. Hotel pickup: to get to the clinic, we can pick you up at the hotel. You don't have care about getting to the clinic, as we organize everything to help you, for example pick you up at the airport. IPRAS - International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (International). ISAPS - International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (International) . ESPRAS - European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (International).