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Endomak - Gevgelija

Endomak - Gevgelija(Gevgelija)




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ENDOMAK gives you a smile of your dreams!

The aesthetic dentistry offers you a lot of options for solving different defects at the teeth and the smile. The same are available today to all people and everyone can approve the look on it\'s teeth and to have a beautiful smile, all for affordable prices.

Top aesthetic dental treatments offered in ENDOMAK:

Teeth whitening

This is the basic and cheapest cosmetic procedure. There are various materials and techniques of teeth whitening but the best way remains to be the professional teeth whitening, which is made by the supervision of the dentist.


The best option of crooked, abrasive or wrecked teeth. This is a process where a material similar to the color of the tooth enamel is bonded on the surface of the tooth, it is modeled at site, the same is light cured and at the end it is being polished in order to have an ideal smile.


Good replacement for partial and total prosthesis. The implant is anchored into the bone, an impression is taken and porcelain crown with almost natural look is being cemented.


The most popular aesthetic procedure. The veneers are ultra thin, individually made porcelain shell\'s that are fixed on the tooth. They are the best aesthetic option if you want to close the interdental gaps – diastema, less broken, crooked or discolored teeth, everywhere where the teeth whitening was not so satisfying.

CAD/CAM crowns

This system represents usage of state of the art technology in production of full ceramic crown. The huge advantage of this computer bioconcept is the speed and the precises of the product, it\'s maximal aesthetics and natural look of the crown.