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Dr. Oscar Muguerza

Dr. Oscar MuguerzaDentista (Caracas)




Orthodontic treatment improves the alignment and support of teeth, leaving them easier to clean and therefore more like to last a lifetime.

For Dr. Muguerza, EXCELLENCY has always been his goal, and his main professoinal objective is to give his patients what they deserve: \"the best and most appropiate posible treatment\".

For that reason, during the 17 years that he has been an orthodoncist he has participated in a great number of scientific conferences. He has regularly attended the annual congress of the American Orthodontics Association where every speaker in the USA and the whole world come together to present the latest works and news of the specialty.

He has also been part of the Update Seminars offered by the University of Washington every 2-3 years in order to keep the highest level on his graduate students.

His professional life has been devoted to his private practice and the constant challenge to keep himself up to date in the areas of investigation and clinical practice of the orthodontics, but one must emphasize that in the area of patient´s attention, he has always kept himself looking for and implementing new service systems that may give the patients the best and most adequate service, that is why he works at the most prestigious center of Odontologic attention available in Venezuela the Centro de Especialidades Odontologicas where more than 30 specialists of this profession work as a team with their main goal being to give their patients the best possible treatment with an optimized service.